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Como ajustar el ralenti Vespa PX

Este video enseña como ajustar el ralenti de una PX. Mi experiencia es que cuanto mas rapido le va mas brio tiene la moto, pero mas consume. Se trata de encontrar el punto justo!

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Lambretta today

Today Lambrettas have attracted an eclectic following of "revival" mods, collectors, scooterists, and even racers. Vespa and Lambrettas both can be converted to fun and relatively fast machines with little (but relatively expensive) modification. Many owners customize these scooters with elaborate customizations and paintwork. The Lambretta has benefitted from advances in technology in the motorcycle world. Common modifications include a Nikasil plated aluminium barrel with radical porting, large Dell'Orto or Mikuni carburettors and bespoke expansion chambers. Hydraulic disc brakes in the front are becoming common on the more tuned ones as are hydraulic clutches and rear brakes. Modern low profile tyres greatly improve handling as do uprated front and rear suspension units.

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Construction and Models

Like Vespas, Lambrettas have 3 or 4 gears and two stroke motors with capacities ranging from 49cc to 198cc. Most two-stroke engines require a mixture of oil with the gasoline in order to lubricate the piston and cylinder.

Unlike the Vespa, which was built with a unibody chassis pressed from sheets of steel, Lambrettas were based around a more rigid tubular frame, although the 'J' series model produced from 1964 through 1966 did have a monocoque body. Early versions were available in 'closed', with fully covered mechanicals or 'open', with minimal panels and thus looking like an unusual motorcycle. The model A and model B were only available in 'open' style. The C and D models were noted for their torsion bar rear suspension, the D model outsold every other 2 wheeled vehicle combined at its peak. (For the latter, see Ruth Orkin's famous photograph American Girl in Italy´[3].) The much greater success of the 'closed' version confirmed that riders wanted protection from the weather and a clean looking machine.

Along with the Vespa, Lambretta was an iconic vehicle of the 1950s and 1960s when they became the adopted vehicle of choice for the UK youth-culture known as Mods. The character Jimmy from the influential scooter movie Quadrophenia rode a Lambretta Li 125 Series 3. Of the 1960s models, the TV (Turismo Veloce), the SX (Special X) and the GP Grand Prix are generally considered the most desirable due to their increased performance and refined look, the 'matt black' fittings on the GP model are said to have influenced European car designs throughout the 1970s. These three models came with a front disc brake made by Campagnolo. The TV was the first production two-wheeled vehicle with a front disc brake in the world.

As the race to be the first person on the moon gathered pace, Innocenti's new model was launched, the Luna range (Luna meaning "moon", in Italian). The machines looked very advanced for their day, reverting back to the open frame style of the much admired 'D' types, and although sales were slow to start with, racing success from grass tracking to circuit racing, soon made them a sales success. Designed by Bertone Innocenti wanted a small frame and engine Lambretta that could be sold along side the larger models. The frame was tubular steel front end, with bolt on leg shields, and a monocoque pressed steel rear frame.


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Lambretta LI Stripdown (4/4)

Lambretta LI Stripdown 60's promo film made by Innocenti for dealer and there mechanics

by: sclipo: video-skills social network

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How to paint a Vespa// Como pintar Vespa

En el video se puede apreciar en que estado de despiece debe de estar para proceder al pintado, asi como la distacia ideal entre la pistola y la moto...

By Sclipo: broadcast your skills

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Preparacion Vespa Racing

Preparación de Vespa Racing, es impressionante como le queda la moto a este chico. Sin lugar a dudas un buen ejemplo de restauración.

video tutorial from Sclipo: Broadcast your skills